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Neighborhood Block Watch Programs Are Important!
Published on May 26, 2011 by ecso | Updated on May 27, 2011
This newsletter is being sent to all Neighborhood Watch Block Captains to better inform residents of issues of concern in the community. This problem-oriented program is directed specifically at targeting problems that pose the greatest concern to the community. Through the collaborative efforts of the Police Department, Block Watch members and residents, we can identify, analyze and target issues of crime in the community. Block Watch Members are the extra eyes and ears for reporting crime and helping the police department and their neighbors. Our Neighborhood Block Watch Program is a community action program that relies on mutual cooperation aimed at reducing crime in the community. This program establishes a formal network for concerned citizens to communicate with other neighbors and the police department, and in turn become more aware of the activity that occurs in their neighborhoods. With the beginning of spring, the police department will begin to increase our uniform patrols throughout the community.

As you know, our bicycle patrols have worked well over the past several years. Naturally with the beginning of warmer weather, we will begin to experience an increase in calls for service in various neighborhoods. These issues usually relate to an increase in noise complaints, juveniles loitering on corners, curfew violations and possible drug activity.I am pleased to let you know, that serious crime in the community has decreased by 18% over the same time period last year. Your Police Department is here to serve and protect you and your property. Help us do a better job by reporting all suspicious persons or activities, as soon as possible. Your Police Department, can only function effectively with the concerned assistance of responsible citizens.

Most Important, call police Immediately by calling 911 for anything you feel is suspicious.

How Can Neighbors Participate in Block Watch Program? Neighbors Should Look For Suspicious Activity, for example, someone screaming or shouting for help.Someone looking into windows of parked vehicles. Unusual noises. Juveniles loitering in the area. Property being removed from a house or business during evening hours. Suspicious persons or vehicles in the neighborhood. Anyone being forced into a vehicle. A stranger sitting in a car or stopping to talk to a child. Abandoned cars. Possible drug activity where juveniles are hanging out.

How to Report Suspicious Incidents: Call 911 immediately. You are not required to give your name or address. Briefly describe the event - what happened, when, where, and who was involved. Describe the suspect: sex and race, age, height, weight, hair color, clothing, distinctive characteristics such as beard, mustache, scars, or accent.Describe the vehicle if one was involved: color, make, model, year, license plate, and special features such as stickers, dents, or decals.Usually when responding officers have this information, the persons responsible are quickly apprehended. It's an unfortunate fact that when a neighborhood crime crisis goes away, so does enthusiasm for some Neighborhood Watch Programs.

Please keep your block watch group members informed and keep them a vital force for the community. If you wish a police officer to attend a scheduled Block Watch Meeting in your area, please contact Chief Donald Molineux Yeadon Police Department at 610-623-1500 or by e-Mail: Thanks for your continued support with this program. Our main goal is that everyone helps to prevent crime and make crime more difficult than its worth. This will make everyone chance of becoming a crime victim less likely. Community Involvement is the key for an effective Police Department.


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DIAL 911

Yeadon Borough is part of the Delaware County 911 program. If you have a medical, police or fire emergency, dial 911.

Be sure to stay on the phoneline until you have answered all the emergency operator’s questions.  Be ready to give the operator your name and street address of where the emergency vehicles should go.


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