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A Snow Emergency is in effect in the Borough of Yeadon from Friday, January 22nd 2016 at 7:00pm until Sunday, January 24th 2016 at 6:00pm per Ordinance No. 470.03.  

     Ordinance No. 470.02:  No parking permitted on Snow Emergency Routes during the emergency.  All cars violating the ordinance will be ticketed and towed at owner’s expense according to Ordinance No. 465.01 (a)(4).

       We ask all Yeadon Borough Residents living along the snow emergency routes to use the municipal parking lots located on Church Lane and Myra Avenue; Church Lane and Guenther Avenue and on the old Yeadon Theatre Lot on Holly Road, behind the Valero Gas Station.  Parking is free during the emergency. 

           We are also asking all Yeadon Borough Residents to please notify the Office of Emergency Management at 610-284-1606 if you experience a power outage. 

 Snow Emergency Routes – Reminder To All Residents

 With Winter Weather Approaching, We would like to remind all residents regarding Borough Ordinance 470.02 - Parking Prohibited and Driving Restricted on snow emergency routes during a declared snow emergency.

 After a snow emergency is declared, no person shall, at any time during the continuance of the snow emergency, park a motor vehicle or allow that vehicle to remain parked anywhere on any snow emergency route. All snow emergency routes are clearly posted with no parking signs that prohibit parking during the declared snow emergency.

Baily Road – (NS) -West Cobbs Creek Pkwy to Lansdowne Avenue

Chester Avenue – (NS) - West Cobbs Creek Pkwy to Darby Borough Line

Church Lane – (both) - Upper Darby Line to Philadelphia Line

Cypress Street – (ES) -Baily Road to West Cobbs Creek Pkwy

Lansdowne Avenue – (both) - Lansdowne Borough Line to Darby Borough Line

Longacre Blvd – (both) -West Cobbs Creek Pkwy to Church Lane

N. Longacre Blvd – (both) -Philadelphia Line to West Cobbs Creek Pkwy.

MacDade Blvd – (both) West Cobbs Creek Pkwy to Darby Borough Line    

West Cobbs Creek Pkwy –  (ES) - Longacre Blvd to Philadelphia Line

Wycombe Avenue – (both) - Lansdowne Borough Line to Darby Borough Line

Yeadon Avenue – (ES) - Baily Road to Chester Avenue

      After The Snow Storm – Important Info and safety tips!

 If you leave your residence for any reason, dress properly. Wear several layers of loose-fitting warm clothing along with a hat, scarf, gloves and boots. Shoveling snow after the storm – Beware of overexertion and exhaustion. Shoveling heavy snow in extreme cold can cause a heart attack. Set you priorities and pace yourself during your winter storm cleanup, Do not shovel snow into the street, which would cause a hazardous condition for vehicle traffic, and snow plowing equipment.

 Do not place articles in the street to save parking spaces. This is prohibited and could cause a hazardous condition for vehicles traveling through the area. If possible, neighbors can work together and shovel their entire block. Avoid throwing shoveled snow in the street or a place that would impede pedestrian and vehicle traffic. If possible, clear snow from any fire hydrants on your stre

Thanks for your assistance.

Yeadon Borough Police Department




No alerts at this time.

DIAL 911

Yeadon Borough is part of the Delaware County 911 program. If you have a medical, police or fire emergency, dial 911.

Be sure to stay on the phoneline until you have answered all the emergency operator’s questions.  Be ready to give the operator your name and street address of where the emergency vehicles should go.


This web site is part of the Department's continuous improvement in serving the citizens of the community.

With this website, you'll be able to get information about the Yeadon PD quickly and easily. We are especially looking forward to publishing on a regular basis the police blotter. Also, you'll be able to get regular notices (for example, traffic alerts for parades, snow, etc.) from the Chief. We encourage you to sign up for regular e-mails about criminal activity in the area. And, we are instituting on the site an anonymous tip page, where we encourage you to come forward about crime you have witnessed.

Some of these features are still under construction, so please bear with us.

This website is made possible by the generosity of the Yeadon community.  The Department is especially indebted to local businesses who have made contributions.

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