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AUGUST 2nd 2016



 National Night Out is designed to:

Heighten Crime and Drug Awareness

Generate support for and participation in local anticrime efforts

Strengthen neighborhood spirit and police-community partnerships

Send a message to criminals letting them know neighborhoods are organized and fighting back.


There will be an open house at the Yeadon Police Department between 5pm and 7pm on Tuesday, August 2nd 2016. Police will hand out crime prevention materials and provide tours of the Yeadon Police Department.

All residents and children are invited.

We also ask residents throughout Yeadon Borough and across the nation to lock their doors turn on outside lights and spend the evening outside with neighbors in supporting this crime prevention event. Block Watch groups are asked to stand together to promote awareness, safety and neighborhood unity. National Night Out showcases the vital importance of police-community partnerships and citizen involvement in our fight to build a safer community.

Crime Prevention – See it!  Hear it! Report it!  Call “911”                


CRIME PREVENTION is using INSTINCT, COMMON SENSE, and ACTION to eliminate or greatly reduce the criminal’s opportunity. A large share of the responsibility of reducing criminal opportunity lies with you! But the fact remains that we all have a personal part to play regarding crime prevention. Crime Prevention is everyone’s responsibility. Please Call “911”.

Thank you!

Chief Don Molineux

Police Incidents -Thefts From Vehicles
Published on March 8, 2016 by molineux4601

The Police Department continues to increase patrols in the community as a result of the February 11th 2016 police report of a rash of vehicle break-ins. The department has also focused additional patrols along the common driveways and in the specific areas were the February 11th incidents were reported. These thefts are often referred to as smash and grab incidents. Lock your doors to prevent car break-ins. Don't make the thief's job any easier by handing him an open door. Don’t leave property and valuables in plain view inside the vehicle.

If you are parking your vehicle in your driveway alongside or behind your home, make sure you park in a well-lit-area. Use flood lights that are on timers or motion sensor activated lights. These recent incidents have occurred during the early morning hours.   

Remember, police officers can’t be everywhere. Your cooperation with them is for the benefit of you, your neighbors and your neighborhood. Most important – all residents are asked to call “911” immediately if you see or hear anything suspicious.

By reporting these types of suspicious activities citizens can help police make their communities safer and more secure, reduce violence, minimize victimization, reduce crime and violence and improve the overall quality of life.

Yeadon Borough Police Department


No alerts at this time.

DIAL 911

Yeadon Borough is part of the Delaware County 911 program. If you have a medical, police or fire emergency, dial 911.

Be sure to stay on the phoneline until you have answered all the emergency operator’s questions.  Be ready to give the operator your name and street address of where the emergency vehicles should go.


This web site is part of the Department's continuous improvement in serving the citizens of the community.

With this website, you'll be able to get information about the Yeadon PD quickly and easily. We are especially looking forward to publishing on a regular basis the police blotter. Also, you'll be able to get regular notices (for example, traffic alerts for parades, snow, etc.) from the Chief. We encourage you to sign up for regular e-mails about criminal activity in the area. And, we are instituting on the site an anonymous tip page, where we encourage you to come forward about crime you have witnessed.

Some of these features are still under construction, so please bear with us.

This website is made possible by the generosity of the Yeadon community.  The Department is especially indebted to local businesses who have made contributions.

This website DOES NOT collect any personal information unless you give it.